About Us

About Our Company

Turnua is a smart infrastructure management company with a breadth of experience across Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities. We leverage our skills and the skills of a wide network to deliver excellence in everything we do.

Our services are built upon decades of experience delivering successful technology projects that meet cost, technical, quality and value criteria. Our team, associates and suppliers are carefully chosen to meet the specific needs of clients and align to our core value of making it easier for our customers.


Innovation & Infrastructure

Up to 40% of infrastructure funding is poorly spent because of bottlenecks, lack of innovation and project failures – McKinsey.

At Turnua we deliver innovation in process and technology that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of infrastructure projects and the operation of existing infrastructure.

We work with organisations to identify and build solutions to the challenges that arise when planning, building and operating infrastructure assets.

Working with Turnua for Success

Focus - on your desired outcome

Approach – a structured but flexible methodology

Benefits - realisation for your business case

Solutions - defined for your specific need

Reach – supporting client solutions in Ireland, the UK and USA

Alignment - across stakeholders and suppliers