Our Services & Features

At Turnua we strive to help clients deliver on their goals and business case requirements by managing complexity on their behalf. 

Our approach enables organisations to deal with us to coordinate and deliver success across Critical Facilities, Telecommunications and Local Authority assets.

We deliver a managed solution to problems by bringing digital capabilities to infrastructure projects and asset management.

Our Services

We support companies to build success in a changing world.

Critical Facilities

Managing Critical Facilities so you can focus on your core business

Telecommunications Infrastructure

Coordinating the delivery of smart infrastructure solutions

Local Authority

Managing critical housing, capital works, energy and utility projects

Benefits of working with Turnua

Trusted Partner

Quality of Outcome

Modern Digital Solutions

Specialist Experience

Focused on your business outcomes

Turnua Approach & Methodology

Our approach has been defined from a combined experience of over 50 years.

We deliver independent solutions that deliver on engineering promise and business case benefits.

Our approach works with our customers and suppliers to deliver the best outcomes for the client.


We use a structured but flexible 3 step process that is effective because it focuses on your business needs.

Our UNDERSTAND - PRIORITISE - INVEST approach enables us to help you to structure decisions and deliver effectively.

Our unique ethos focuses on delivering the desired business outcomes from your investment, bringing together real-world experience, technology innovation, and modern business process


Start with the
business problem.

We work with you to define your ‘Why’, identifying the drivers of change for your organisation by understanding current infrastructure capability in the context of your environment: Customers, Cost, Competition & Technology.


Define what needs to
change & when.

We use modern solution-based thinking and business case analysis to identify and prioritise initiatives that address your business needs. Effective prioritisation assures maximum benefit from limited resources.


Focus on your
business outcomes.

Our experience and structured approach ensures success from your organisation’s investments – improving how infrastructure assets are built and managed, from proof of concept to project completion.

Core Values

At Turnua, we consider ourselves, our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders as part of the same team – working together to deliver excellent ethical, sustainable and affordable services for everyone.

Customer Focus

✔ We are passionate about achieving our client’s goals
✔ Bringing positive energy alongside our full-service solutions


✔ Assuring the quality of our deliverables and operations
✔ Linking KPIs directly to required business case benefits


✔ Reducing on-site visits through effective digital solutions
✔ Providing insight and control of power usage in critical facilities